The work of Cindy van Woudenberg consists of drawings on paper using mixed media:  mostly ink, watercolor, and pencil. Her main interest is transforming moments in life. In her drawings, she uses body language and recreates a posture various times to seek new layers of meaning.

She works in different series,  focusing each series on only one aspect of that moment in life, such as metamorphosis or compassion. Initiating a series can be a poem, for example, “Conversation with a stone” by Wislawa Szymborska or the philosophical theory about the relationship we have towards the other by Levinas.

Using her drawings, she strives not to gain instant answers but to ask, explore, as well as show the questions that emerge.

Curriculum Vitae



2021: (28 February till 11 April) Solo Exhibition at de Compagnie, CHV Noordkade, Veghel.( Was planned in 2020, but postponed due to Covid-19.)

2020: (end Septembre till  end Decembre) digital exhibition, Galerij van de tekenkunst, , groupshow.



2020: (26 march till… ) Amuse 2020, digital group show, Galerie Wilms

, Venlo.

2020: (1 May digital, 5 June live exhibition) group show,  Tekenkabinet XS

, Amsterdam.



2019: (8 till 15 decembre) Nasty Women Amsterdam at De Balie Amsterdam, groupshow

2019: (18 august till 24 august) Exhibition at Het VerhAal;  a literary festival solo at het Oude Raadhuis , Veghel.

2018-2019: (9 decembre till 27 january) “OUR LEGACY”, De Kunstpraktijk Veldhoven, groupshow.

2018: Development of concept and co-organisation/co-curating of a series of 3 exhibitions “OUR LEGACY” De Kunstpraktijk Veldhoven.

2018: Development of an artproject at a hospice “Ode to Life”, realisation not completed.

2017: “WE CARE” , galerie De Kunstpraktijk Veldhoven, groupshow.



2020: Summerschool ; a week organized by the Artist and the Others (Maastricht) and KunstpodiumT (Tilburg)

2020 Master Trajectory at Drawing Inventions Academy (DIA) led by Arno Kramer.

2019  Participant of the monthly Peer Critic Sessions, organized by Kunstpodium T, Tilburg.

1989-1993  Hogeschool Zuyd:  Creatieve Therapie Beeldend ( Art Therapy) in Sittard

1988-1989  Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten `St. Joost`  in Breda